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Stamp of my love

A lovely knock of new year

Welcome moment

In moonless night

O my soulmate

Sow what you want to reap....

Coffee with you

I have to stay here.

Lucknow.... city of love


The silence..

My inside pain

Luck is my fetter

Love is dying...

Is the relationship only for need?

Love till Eternity!

How I fed in womb?

They teach us: Children's day

Titanic could be saved?

Sympathy turns into motivation??

Clew of my dream


Cerebral Palsy' child

Every virtual relationship has a definite end

A letter to a friend

My wish to stay with you

A Letter to MOM


It's your ink.

Coffee with you

Me Diabetic???

Quote on Lady Newton

Wanna feel you In my arms

2 October

Pencil as Missile...

Only Yours.

What if...

Life lives in remedy.

Quote on explore

Sky is the alternate of Earth.

Club foot Patient after treatment.

Quote on Party

Cerebral Pasy: Not a curse but a different way to live.

How an engineer made a poetry?

Quote on my wish.

47 Days of transformation...

Longing for tonight

When the conversation turns into meeting.

Feel me as ever..

wanna make my words SUPERNOVA!

Pradyumn, why are you Pradyumn?

I'm little fairy


My Destiny

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